Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our Wedding: Brent's Ensemble

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Surprisingly enough, finding the perfect suit for Brent turned out to be harder than finding the perfect dress for me. Brent had a pretty specific idea of what he wanted, and stores at the time (2007) just weren't carrying it. (We quickly ruled out renting a tux after we saw what our options were- not that there's anything wrong with tuxes!) Brent wanted a two-button jacket, in the style of his grandfather, and he didn't want pleats in his pants. And he wanted the jacket to fit tightly, (about two sizes too small, in fact.) We just kept striking out.

After seaching high and low in Dallas, we finally ended up in a little local men's store near downtown Tyler called Joyner Fry. I'm pretty sure their primary demographic is the age 50+ bracket. But lo and behold we were able to order a custom suit for $400. (Yes, $400 is considerably more than a tux rental, but what guy doesn't need a classic black suit?) We picked out the fabric, specified no pleats, and asked for it to fit small. A week or so later the suit came in, and alterations were included. So we showed them a picture of an indie rock band in a magazine and asked them alter the pants to be like the ones in the pic- with a very short inseam and a narrow leg. It came back perfect!!

We picked out a beautiful crisp white pique shirt with french cuffs, and we even found Brent's shoes there too! We love those shoes- a very unique boot that I think will be in style forever. We wanted a skinny tie, and of course we couldn't find one anywhere! So I bought an inexpensive black shiny tie at Steinmart and had my alterations lady narrow it. And lastly, Brent's grandma gave him a pair of nice gold cuff links that were his grandfather's. They matched my gold jewelry and were super special.

(photos by Casey Benson)

Now I know most guys don't care this much about how they look on their big day, but Brent's got a bit of fashion sense and wanted to get exactly what he envisioned. It took a ridiculous amount of work, but as his bride, I can say it was totally worth it. In my opinion, he looked scrumptious.

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