Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Laura Lacey & Brandon's Wedding | Monroe, Louisiana

When I first arrived at the church to start filming, I found Brandon, who was in the hallway and introduced himself as "Brandon's brother". Not ever having met Brandon, I greeted him and then asked if I could meet the groom. At which point Brandon walked into a room and closed the door, then came right back out and introduced himself as Brandon. A very confusing moment for me ensued, but I quickly figured out that what I had on my hands was a sneaky teasing groom. (Who also nearly tricked me into believing that his scruffy old New Balance tennis shoes were his shoe of choice with his tux and held great sentimental value.)

So needless to say it was a fun day. Laura Lacey and Brandon were excited to have us there in Monroe, and it was a pleasure filming an event that clearly had lots of thought poured into its planning. Plus these two are so clearly in love. I just get the impression that they are very close. I loved their first look, where they just embraced each other and then spent the next two minutes forehead to forehead gazing into each other's eyes whispering who knows what to each other. It was like we weren't even there. Then the ceremony featured really lovely handwritten vows, and some tears, and a salt pouring ceremony, and some laughter. And the reception, which was beautifully decorated, had as its entertainment a recreation of the Newlywed Game. After that we headed outside for a photo shoot overlooking the river at sunset. Laura Lacey's "Just Married" parasol was the perfect accessory.

Thanks you two (plus Brandon's brother) for having us with you on your big day!

Laura Lacey said, "Wow! The video is awesome! We love it! It definitely came unexpectedly and at the best time (we had just gotten frustrated at hanging crown molding). They are beautiful and we will probably be ordering more for parents and the like eventually. I want a whole Vanessa McKellar library with those fancy albums lined up with my favorite weddings. Ha. I can't say enough wonderful things...thanks just gave us something we can cherish and share with our families."

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e* said...

This is so sweet. Laura looks so joyfully in love. <3