Monday, September 20, 2010

Nicole & Chase's Wedding | Tyler, Texas


That's the best word to describe Nicole and Chase's wedding day. It was full of pink, and lace, and fluffy flowers and little girls and dolls and tears, lots of tears. Nicole was brimming over with excitement and emotion all day. There's even a moment after the ceremony when Nicole says "We're married guys! I'm so excited. Just so excited," and I believe her because she looked so happy I wouldn't be suprised if she fainted or burst into tears. And not only was Nicole happy, she was incredibly kind. Since I've edited their video, there have been times when I've thought to myself that I need to be more like Nicole- positive and upbeat with no hint of cynicism or impatience whatsoever. She's an elementary teacher and I know her students must adore her. I wasn't around Chase quite as much throughout the day, but I know they are perfect for each other. They've been dating a long time, and Chase seems like a rock, but tempered with tenderness.

I love this highlights because there is so much genuine emotion, starting with the opening shot, which to me demonstrates perfectly the appeal of video. (Nicole and Chase chose to have their wedding on Nicole's grandparents' anniversary.)

Location: Eagle's Bluff Country Club
Photographer: Donna Cummings
Dress: Weddings A to Z
Florist: La Tee Da

Nicole's mom said, among other things, "I do believe that the money for your talented video, and Nicole's dress, is the best money that was spent."

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