Monday, November 15, 2010

Eunice & Daniel's Amazing Wedding

I came across this wedding on Hello! Lucky's Facebook page. It's absolutely one of the best, if not the best ever, wedding's I've seen. Eunice is the co-founder and Creative Director of Hello! Lucky, a company specializing in social stationery and letterpress. The photos were featured in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine Spring 2010 issue, and no wonder! The amount of time, energy, and creativity that went into this event is staggering.

There are too many highlights for me to write about, but I think my favorite elements are the big airy openness of the location, and the layers upon layers of frothy ruffles in Eunice's dress (which to me has an Old West saloon feel to it.) You can check out all of Hello! Lucky's blog posts about the wedding here.

(Photos by Adi Nevo (stationery), Gia Canali and Sara Remington.)

On another note, Mrs. Frozen Yogurt has concluded all of her posts for Weddingbee. Her last five recaps featured excerpts from her wedding video by yours truly; have a look-see here.

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