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Style Ideas for Your Showers and Rehearsal Dinner

Today we have a very fun and informative post! I stumbled upon personal stylist and owner of My Best Foot Forward Noelle Cellini's videos on YouTube and found them to be quite helpful. (Check out "How to Wear Patterned Tights" and "How to Wear Belts".) From there I found her on Twitter, and then Facebook. Eventually I asked her if she would write a wedding-style-related blog post for me, and she was kind enough to oblige. She has great taste and incredibly useful tips for how to put together outfits. Thank so much Noelle!

It may be easy to decide what to wear to a wedding (since you know you have to dress up), however, showers and rehearsal dinners can be a bit tricky. Usually these occasions, style wise, are just a step down from the wedding. Here are some suggestions:

I still love a dress for any of these occasions because it’s feminine and it says celebration. Here’s a dress by French Connection, which is cotton, so it’s a bit more casual. Since it’s shorter, I love it with a dressy flat or low heel. I would pair this with a fun cocktail ring and some simple earrings (so as not to fight with the puffy sleeves). It’s still dressed up and fun, but not satin, taffeta or silk – save those kinds of things for the wedding.

I love this BCBG dress because it’s dressy, but without the usually suspects of satin, taffeta or silk. A one-shoulder dress always looks chic without trying too hard. I also love that you can wear this again – pair it with tights in the cooler weather, layer a blazer for an easy out-to-dinner look or opt for a different belt. This dress won’t sit in your closet waiting for another special occasion.

Dresses aren’t the only option for a shower as I love to change up the typical silhouette and opt for a fun top. The top below from Ann Taylor is actually very simple, but I love that they accessorized it with a fabulous necklace. In this picture, the jewelry is helping dress up the outfit.

From my wardrobe, I would choose a pair of black slim ankle pants and a pair of platforms, but this top would look fantastic with a skirt – straight, A-line or pencil (choose what works best for your body type). This is also something that can be worn again and look totally different – wear one shoulder up and one down, pair it with tuxedo pants, try a skirt and pattern tights and a pair of booties – the options are endless!

I also think something flowery always works – it just says shower! A flower print is upbeat and is nice because it’s usually very colorful – everyone looks better in color. If you’re looking for something in a print, be sure to keep it in proportion to your body. Hold your fist up against the fabric. If the pattern is the same size or smaller, then it’s okay. If it’s bigger, it will overwhelm you.

Of course you always want to keep in mind the venue for the shower and the dress code (if there is one). A shower or rehearsal dinner at an upscale restaurant or country club will be a bit more formal and conservative, while one at someone’s house may be more casual. Whatever you decide to wear, do dress up as this is a special time and you don’t want the bride to feel that this day isn’t important.

A few other notes, the bride should be the only one wearing white on her wedding day. I would also advise guests from wearing white during the other event as well. White just says wedding and it’s best to just do touches of white, not a white dress.

If you don’t like your arms, then opt for a dress or top with sleeves. I’ve been through hundreds of closets where women have specific cardigans, wraps or cropped jackets that they wore over a dress, but never with anything else. Stylish items with sleeves are out there, it just may take some extra time to find them!

Choose something fun, something that’s comfortable and appropriate for the evening. However, never forget the accessories – they bring an outfit together, but could also dress up something you already own! Have fun and happy shopping!

Noelle Cellini
Personal Stylist
Twitter @NoelleCellini

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