Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ode to Mum

Today I wanted to take a moment to honor the woman who has known me the longest, taught me the most, and loved me the best: my mom. So in no particular order, here is what I appreciate the most about you, Mumsy:

Man oh man can you cook! Granted, I haven't always appreciated your avocado sandwiches and sauteed tofu, but now as an adult I can say you're the best cook I know this side of television. I enjoy coming home and seeing what exotic thing you've cooked up (Indian Thanksgiving, anyone?) and what variety of unique foods you've got stocked in the fridge (lemongrass and jalapeno cheese?). And your biscuits...don't even get me started on those. Oh, the biscuits...

You're the only person that can tell me all about the day I was born, how you and Dad walked the streets of East Dallas that night in your big unflattering robe, but your were so excited and when I came out I was quiet and soft-skinned. And you tell me these things with tears in your eyes because they are precious to you.

You more than anyone else have taught me kindness. You're never mean to anyone. You have long conversations with strangers even when I am far past the point of interest. You smile liberally and laugh loudly. And speaking of your laugh...well, sometimes I find that I laugh entirely too loudly, and I know exactly who I got that from.

Thanks for teaching me how to apply make-up, sit up straight, eat veggies, ask good questions, clean, take care of my skin, plant a flowerbed, be assertive, start a business, and countless other things.

You've told us that you always dreamed of being a good mom, that it was your life goal. Well, I'm here to tell you once and for all that you have been a wonderful mother to me and Marek and Nicole.

I know Grandma is getting older and that you cherish every single moment you have with her. I know you store the moments up in your heart. And I listen to you talk about her, and of course it makes me think about you growing older. And it's so bittersweet: it breaks my heart, but I look forward to the sweetness of the years to come and the memories they will hold. With babies somewhere on the horizon for us, I'm excited for a new generation to get to know you and Dad and all you have to offer.

And lastly, allow me to express my appreciation for your silliness. You've got silliness out the wazoo and it cracks me up. Love you.

To my readers, here is a quick little lo-fi video I made on my iPhone 4. Every year my mom and I take a weekend and go somewhere and have fun together. This year it was Dallas, where we ate wonderful food and stayed at a hotel downtown. Beware, there is lots of silliness here- my mom loves to have fun and be crazy.

Annual Getaway with Mum Shot on iPhone 4 from Vanessa McKellar Productions on Vimeo.

Props to whoever can name the most restaurants that appear in the video.

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e* said...

wow. That brought me to tears. You're a wonderful writer, and your mom is such a wonderful woman. I'm so blessed to know you both. And I LOVE the video!

Georgeann said...

I'm (almost) utterly speechless because a hushed kind of overlowing love is girgling up in my heart!

I went to your blog, as I do often, and burst into tears at only the second sentence you wrote to me.

You'll never know this side of eternity how much your grace-filled love means to me.

It compels me to worship the One who made you. Your light is shining bright, beloved daughter!

jones said...

your mom is a hoot.

btw, not fair to make us guess restaurants. i want to eat those desserts NOW!

Nicole said...

oh man, this is a-maz-ing! You're so right about everything you wrote. wow. I'm so glad you got all those crazy things mom does on video. priceless.

Shelby said...

I love it! I remember awesome times at the Berry house including Georgeann's spandex. I didn't know what sprouts were before meeting your mother. :)

I also remember going to church with you both in Dallas and the evangelical part which I've come to love in comparison to the formal Lutheran/Methodist services I was raised on.

In short, I want to eat, love, laugh and have it all on video too. Georgeann, we all love you!!!!

Vanessa McKellar said...

Thanks so much for your comments everyone. This meant a lot to my mom and I'm glad you all enjoyed it.

Meagan said...

Beautiful. Love it.