Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our Wedding 2007 | The Bridals

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After I got my ensemble together, I thought it'd be neat to get some bridals taken by Casey Benson. I picked up my beautiful bouquet by Garden Style (which actually got me a little teary-eyed when I first saw it), then we took a day and went to a pretty residential area, then downtown Tyler, then our studio (we shared a studio at the time!) It was super fun for me and I love the images.
The experience actually made me a big proponent for doing a bridal session, because it's a test run for your outfit, hair, and make-up. The biggest thing I learned was that my dress was too short in the front. So I had a tailor take the little lace jacket that came with the dress and sew part of it onto the front hem of my dress, thus adding a few inches of length. We also learned that my eye-liner was too heavy and we should avoid that on the wedding day. Now my hair...well, I didn't want to spend tons of money on it (I knew whoever I used in Tyler wouldn't be doing it the actual day of, so it didn't count as an official investment-worthy trial). I went down the road to the beauty school and had a chick do it for $12! In hindsight maybe not the best idea, but oh well. It looks pretty weird in some of the pictures!
Another great thing about bridals is that it gets you totally comfortable in your dress. At the beginning of the session I was super stiff and was half-laying across the back seat of the SUV so I wouldn't mess anything up. But by the end, I was running, sitting on the floor- totally comfortable. I wouldn't have liked using half my wedding day to get accustomed to my outfit.

(This photo is a little embarassing for me because it's so dramatic and such, but I do think it's kinda cool!)

So we got one of these printed, but alas we forgot to put it out at the wedding reception. So while we didn't get to display it like it deserved, it was so worth the session for the experience and fun.

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