Saturday, February 26, 2011

Anthropologie's BHLDN Part I

This has been pretty widely publicized in the wedding blogosphere as of late, but I just can't help jumping on the bandwagon because I think it's a pretty big deal. In case you haven't heard, Anthropologie launched a wedding apparel line on Valentine's Day. It's called BHLDN, which is pronounced "Beholden" and is inspired by the Dutch for "to keep". According to Green Wedding Shoes, "BHLDN will sell dresses, shoes, and accessories online – with more decorations for your reception and ceremony coming later this year."

When I first heard this was going to happen, I was like "Okay, that's reason #192 I must have a vow renewal ceremony someday!" I do really love shopping at Anthropologie, although I'm not able to purchase as much from there as I would like because the prices are pretty steep. I've found that when I do splurge on a few great items, though, I wear them all the time. (In fact, I had a floral embroidered jacket from there several years ago, and one night in Deep Ellum thieves broke into my car and grabbed a bunch of my stuff. Even though I was alone, I [stupidly] chased them down and literally grabbed that jacket out of one of the guys' hands. That's how much I loved that jacket. I haven't seen it in about a year and I have a sneaking suspicion Brent has hidden it because it was getting old and dated and I was wearing it too much.)

I think this line is great because it has some totally unique offerings in one place for a bride who's looking for something different. It has been my experience that the really different wedding gown are often super expensive, like $6K plus. But here you can find something that a) is super original b) still looks like a wedding dress and c) is under $2K. I also love that you can just buy it straight from the site like it's any other type of garment, instead of going through a wedding dress shop (great for small-town brides). Of course the drawback is that you can't try a dress on in person, but you can return it within 30 days so there's no risk involved if you don't like it. I bought my dress off eBay and it was fine, so I don't think that's a big deal. Plus, they will be having video of each dress, so you'll be able to get a feel for how each one moves and drapes. Also, later this year they will start opening boutique stores.

I guess I have more to say about this than I anticipated, so I'm going to do another post soon where I give my take on some of the items from BHLDN. In the meantime I leave you with this, from their web site:

Our roots are with Anthropologie, so a passion for experience and creating one-of-a-kind moments runs deep. But our offering speaks more to the not-so-everyday occasions—ours is a voice that celebrates a woman’s most anticipated milestones. And one that gives tradition a twist.

Be you. Be loved. BHLDN


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e* said...

Ok, if you were having a vow renewal ceremony next week, and money were no object, which BHLDN gown would you don?

Vanessa McKellar said...

I'm totally going to talk about that in my next post- of course I can't resist! Brent is also going to pick his favorite. And you should comment on the next post with your fave too!

Studio B Designs said...

Your story about getting your jacket back was hilarious, mostly because I can see myself doing the same thing. When I was living in CA I was at this huge outdoor mall in Irvine with Eric and it had gotten warm so I took my adorable Anthro cardigan with little bird and flowers embroidery off and draped it over my handbag strap. Well, hours later I look down and it's gone. I made Eric look for it with me for over an hour. We stopped in every store to see if anyone had turned it in. It was like I was looking for my lost child!

Vanessa McKellar said...

Ha ha, I'm glad you like the story Jessica! It's a bit off topic but it was such a crazy experience for me I like to talk about it. ;)