Friday, February 25, 2011

Anthropologie's BHLDN Part II

I thought it would be fun to get some friends to pick out their dream ensemble from BHLDN's wedding apparel line. Nicole picked an ensemble that would have worked for her wedding two years ago, and Erika selected items ideal for a vow renewal. Enjoy and be inspired!

Erika's Picks
Tulle Era Dress; Mystic Vine Hairpin; Valenciennes Dress in gold with On-A-Wing heels; Clipped Corolla Heels

Erika said, "I like this look because it's glamorous and timeless (sort of Gatsby-esque) yet understated, sophisticated with a contemporary flair, and mature yet playful, which is exactly the tone I would want to set for a vow renewal ceremony--to celebrate the countless joys and spiritual riches marriage has brought to our lives. "

Nicole's Picks

Nicole said, "I immediately knew which gown I would choose: Pleated fantasy gown. I like the bluish-purple hue that it seems to have to it. Plus I think it would have been beautiful in our chapel. For the BM dress, I like the starburst pleated shift. I think the pleats would complement the gown. Though I must say, I'm not that taken by their BM dress selection. For shoes, I'm always on the look-out for cute flats or near flats. So when I saw the mixed posy wedge, I loved them. While they may be too much with the gown, who cares. They're close to flat and I think they'd be sooo comfortable on a wedding day. Dance all night long. They're Corso Como, which is one of my favorite shoes brands ever. The ghost orchid bloom hair piece would complement the shoes and it has a beautiful simplicity to it. I love the deco beaded clutch in white and would chose that in a heartbeat.

Jewelry is almost too hard, just like when I got married. :) I could choose Pave teardrop, Carcanet earrings (to complement the clutch and shoes, bring out the white), and the Deco Posts are beautiful (and kind of remind me of my wedding earrings). I chose the graupel necklace without realizing that was on the gown model. Of course it wouldn't fit with all the other accessories (again same problem I had with my own wedding ensemble), but we're having fun here right?! When money and real life are no issue, it's fun and easy to put together a whole wedding in 10 minutes. :)"

I love both these looks. I think it's funny that Erika picked the "oldest" look that BHLDN carries, and Nicole picked the most modern.

But that's not all folks. Stayed tuned because tomorrow I'll be posting my and Brent's picks!

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