Friday, February 25, 2011

Anthropologie's BHLDN Part III

Okay, now it's my turn to give my take on the line. First off, I gotta say I'm not entirely crazy about the gown line-up. Am I the only one? They all had some very pretty and luscious elements, but there always seemed to be something that was "off" with each one. Like, the drape of the skirt is perfect in one, but then the neck-line is ugly. Or one has a pretty cut, but it has splashes of orange all over it. However, I think the accessory selection is stellar. I bet a lot of brides will end up using the site to order shoes, jewelry, and hairpieces but go elsewhere for their dress.

I buckled down and forced myself to pick an ensemble; here it is:

Vanessa's Picks

This would be for my vow renewal ceremony. I watch a lot of pre-20th-century English movies (think Pride and Prejudice) and I'm quite taken with the look and feel of them. I just love those moments when the sisters are walking through the beautiful landscapes with a posey of flowers in hand. That's how I want my vow renewal to feel. One common aspect with those costumes is that they're columner, not poofy or A-line. So with that in mind, I chose Burnished Organza Gown. The cut is right, but it's very Grecian. I like the look, but I have a feeling this dress isn't very flattering. If you look closely at the bodice, you'll see how it looks cheap, like it would just slide right down.

I think the Crystallized Chiffon Headband is super pretty and also has a grecian feel to it. The Sculptural Corset Dress didn't take my breath away, but I do think the cut is a great match with the gown. And the shoes, Moonlit Peep-Toes, are by no means unique (didn't a girl wear something similar recently on American Idol?), but they tie in well with the gold detail on the bust of the gown. I think gold sandals would probably work best with the gown, but I wore flats at my wedding, so heels it is!

I guess I don't sound totally blown away, do I? I know when my time for a renewal ceremony comes along, I'll definitely be hitting up BHLDN, but I won't be expecting to find my whole ensemble there.

Brent's Picks
Cascading Goddess Gown; Botanical Garden Headband; Citrine Rose Peplum Dress; On-A-Wing Heels

Brent, my husband/co-shooter/editor said, "I had no game plan when I was selecting a dress. When I started to look I realized I've always wanted to be Tom Cruise from the movie Legend. To see my lady in these threads is reason enough to destroy darkness. But on a serious note, I can see my renewal being very romantic with this theme. It's so easy to go for a theme that could distract from the mood of the evening, but with this dress I want to do all the snuggling and embracing the law will allow (I think some fancy schmancy dresses make a groom wonder if he needs to handle his bride with kid gloves). Some of the dresses I liked would put me in a different state of mind. You know, like if we did a 30's theme I'd be so stoked to have a zoot suit, it would be hard to get a kiss out of me.

P.S. I also like these shoes a lot, but this is all I could find that went really well with them."


So what do you think of our picks, and what do you think of BHLDN's line as a whole?

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