Friday, March 4, 2011

Jessica & Nick | Marsall, Texas

Jessica and Nick were married over in Marshall, and it was such a sweet day with some adorable vintage details. First off, Jessica looked stunning- her hair and make-up were so pretty,and I loved her dress(es) with the little jacket to go over them. The ruffles framing her face and neck looked great. After the ceremony she changed into a super cute short version of the dress.

You could tell a lot of thought went into the reception decor. To carry out the vintage theme, there was an old red bicycle decorated with flowers outside the country club, and the table centerpieces featured found objects: vintage cake toppers, old books, pearls, porcelain figures, candles- so cute! (And totally eco friendly, too!)

My favorite moment of the day came when the reception was winding down, and couples were scattered across the dance floor. Jessica (barefoot) and Nick were dancing together and in their own little world. They were thisclose to each other with these huge grins on their faces, taking turns cracking each other up, you know the throw back your head and laugh kind. And they kissed and hugged and man, they just looked so happy! And I was so happy to be there to film it all.

Here's their highlights for your enjoyment. Their preacher sang this song during the ceremony, so I thought it was a perfect fit.

You can see what Jessica wrote about her video here, on her blog!

Church: Summit United Methodist
Reception Venue: Lakeside Country Club
Coordinator: This One Day, 903.935.3976
DJ: DJ Daddy Co, 903.918.4555
Photobooth: Photobooth XL

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Nicole said...

I think the father's toast along with the footage of the bride and her parents dancing is so sweet. Nice capture.

JDaddy said...

Vanessa, that is a beautiful video. I'll happily tell future brides about your service and send them to see this. Enjoyed meeting and working with you. Hope we can do it again soon.

John - DJ Daddy Co Mobile DJ