Friday, April 1, 2011

Allison & Jon | Henderson, Texas

You've already seen Allison and Jon's invitations and teaser; now you can watch part of their feature edit. I really enjoyed this wedding because these two are really close to each other and their happiness just radiates off their faces- it's almost tangible. They had a lovely first look followed by a long (which is the best) and fun photo session. My favorite part while I was editing was the vows, during which Allison got a case of the giggles. Her preacher blamed it on nerves but I could tell it wasn't that- she was just really excited to be getting married! Cracks me up every time I watch it. Allison and Jon live in the same part of town as Brent and I and I've seen them at least three times since the wedding, and it's always a pleasure to chat with them. Kind folks in love- you can't beat it!

Allison said, "Vanessa!!!!! ogjalsdjfmwmemapwo!!! *this is me squealing with delight!* We literally watched the video on the way home from your house. I simply could not wait. We were so impressed with the overall packaging--we knew we held something precious in our hands.

The video was beautiful. You captured *everything*--I do not know how you were able to do it but I feel like *every moment* from the New Year's Eve party to getting dressed to our first look to the giggles throughout the ceremony--everything was right there in 30 minutes. I was just as giddy watching it as I was on my wedding day!

The song choices--*great*. The coverage--*great*. The deleted scenes--*great*. If we love it this much *now*, I cannot even imagine how much we'll love it *years from now*. Thank you for this treasure."

Ceremony and Reception: First Baptist Church
Photography: Brandi Burkett

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