Saturday, April 16, 2011

Misty & Matt | Houston, Texas

I really like it when couples write meaningful letters to each other on their wedding day. I like it even more when they read them aloud for me so I can incorporate the words into their wedding film. Such was the case with this wonderful couple, Misty and Matt. The letters reveal a lot about their relationship- where they came from as a couple, what they're excited about on their big day, and perhaps most importantly, what they're looking forward to in the future. They reveal a maturity and God-centeredness that I appreciate. And they make this highlights montage, which I set to one of my favorite musicians Sara Groves' Fly, so much juicier!


Ceremony: Second Baptist Church, Houston
Photographer: Erin Anderson

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Nicole said...

So sweet. I really, really like how you incorporated the, reading their letters. It's so nice to hear their voices with clarity. They'll cherish this for years to come.

Georgeann said...

Love the sweetness of the music, rich colors and their utter joy. Well done!

~Misty said...

Vanessa!! I went to your site to get your info to give to a girl at church who just got engaged and was perusing your blog. I haven't been no here in months and months. Just craziness has happened. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the videos you made for Matt and me documenting our special day. As we inch extremely close to our 1 year anniversary, I'm reminded of the amazing job you and Brent did for us December 19, 2010! Thank you from the depths of my heart!