Friday, June 10, 2011

Melissa & Ross | Crockett, Texas

There's just something about a family ranch wedding that I love (maybe it's because my own wedding reception was on the family ranch?) Melissa's family poured months of time and energy into making this event a reality- they built a huge pavilion, set up lights everywhere, designed the flowers arrangements and centerpieces, and surely did countless other things to make the ranch wedding-worthy. And it all went off beautifully without a hitch!

The ceremony took place in a small old chapel in Crockett, and then after formals everyone drove 10 minutes to Grapeland for the reception. While the guests enjoyed the cocktail hour, Melissa and Ross had a little photo session in the woods and then the girls had a few minutes of fun together (short dresses with boots- too cute!). The reception started with humorous introductions from Ross'  grandfather and then the party got into full swing- cutting the gorgeous pseudo-bonfire cake, a tearful toast, the Aggie War Hymn (which, as a UT alumnus, I must point out is pretty much all about UT, if you listen to it;), Mug Machine fun, late night Whataburget taquitos, and really rockin' dancing. In fact this wedding had probably my favorite dancing schtick to date: two guys faced each other and made a faux jump rope where guests could jump in and show of their moves. (Alex and I may have joined in the fun.) The festivities ended with sparklers and a getaway on the mule golf cart thingy (I may have thought they were doing their getaway on an actual live mule.)

Here's their highlights, featuring a little Super 8 for extra fun.  The wedding party walked down the aisle to Ingrid Michaelson's "The Way I Am" and their first dance was to Miranda Lambert's "Making Plans"; I think this song by Amy Stroup called "Love You Strongly" is a perfect combination of the two styles.

Church: St. Francis Tejas Catholic Church
Reception: Private ranch
Photographer: Alex M Photography (check out his pics of the wedding here.)
Coordinator: Keely Thorne Events

Melissa said, "AWESOME VIDEO!!! Seriously Vanessa....this is amazing! I tear up everytime I watch it :) I just showed all my co-workers and they started to cry too!

Thank you for capturing our day so perfectly! and I LOVE the music! :) YOU
ARE TRULY TALENTED! Thank you a million times!!!"

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Nicole said...

NIce work. They look like they had fun. Nice combo of Super 8 and hi-def.