Wednesday, July 20, 2011

AFV (aka "America Fears Video")

Hey folks, Brent here. Today I want to talk with you about how Bob Saget and his TV show set video documentation back 30 years. "America, America this is you!" Those are the words people think every time someone points a video camera at them. America's Funniest Home Videos brought a lot of laughs to our living rooms the past two decades, but it also awakened our insecurities and made our worst fear a potential reality: if they film me, something embarrassing will happen!

Have you ever seen home movies before the 80's? They're warm and honest. The person being captured has an excitement about being on film, and there's also a confidence in privacy, a behind-closed-doors feel. These days, however, as soon as you point a camera at a person their neck gets tense, their face freezes, and they go into perfect posture mode.

These reactions are why I think so many people lean towards photography as their documentation of choice. It feels safer. You haven't been exposed to as many embarrassing photos as you have video (unless you're Britney Spears). It worked for great, great grandma and it will work for me. Ask yourself this though: If you had to choose between a film of your great, great grandma or photos, would you choose photo? Most of you would pick the film I'm sure. How can you pass up witnessing this early stage of your family tree- seeing the gestures, reactions, and smiles? I encourage you to film your life more. It may be plain and ordinary today, but someday somewhere it will help your loved ones connect with their past.

Here is a letter we received from a recent bride, Melissa. I remember there being apprehension around the video camera and even heard someone say, "I told you video was a bad idea." I also remember thinking, "I'll show you!"  Anyhoot, the letter is touching and led me to make this post. Thanks Melissa!

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Nicole said...

You have a great point Brent. I really like the simplicity of the old film. It' so funny their prop of the liquor bottle. I like the old guy with the google eye. I LOVE AFV and am so thankful for all the amazing things it has brought into my life.

e* said...

Brent, you've totally inspired me to start filming more of my (extra)ordinary life! Beautiful post and very well-written too!