Thursday, July 28, 2011

Destination Destin

Yo hey, Brent again. I was so stoked to film Sarah and Tyler's wedding in Destin, Florida. Not because of the beach, the fresh seafood, or Vanessa in a swimsuit (all were super awesome BTW), but because Sarah is my little cousin and this would be a family affair. I can't tell you how helpful it is to film a wedding and already know who the crazy uncle is!

Joking aside, Sarah and Tyler had a wonderful wedding. Even though it rained cats and dogs they cherished the moments. They danced, gave puppy dog stares to each other all day, and in the end the football player got his cheerleader.

Church: Saint Rita Parish
Coordinator: Island Sand Beach Wedding
Photographer: White Sands Weddings & Portraits
Reception: 790 on the Gulf

Sarah said, "I bet I have watched this 100 times this morning. I absolutely LOVE it!!!! Words cannot express how happy I am every time I watch this. You two are the best!!!! Thank you for everything :-)"

And Sarah's mom said, "You two are the best!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the video. I have cried, watched it again, shown it to others, cried again, etc. It is a treasure so beautifully done."

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Pauline Nuyts said...

Hi Vanessa ! I don't know whether or not i'm alowed to post a not-related-to-this-video-comment here, but i'm still going to do it :) !

I Love your video's ! Adore them ! Always looking forward to a new one ! I'm from Belgium (Europe), am 20 years old and I hope that the day i get married i can count on someone who is hopefully as good as you eventhough that person might be hard to find eversince this is the best you can get, i think !

Congratulations with your pregnancy, enjoy the feeling of it ! Have a wonderful time !

Greets from the other side of the world,

Pauline Nuyts !