Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hannah & Jon's Wedding Video | Longview, Texas

There's something so fun about a morning wedding. Hannah and Jon had to have their ceremony early in the day due to scheduling with the church, and I just loved it. There was freshness to the whole affair. I especially like how the couple capitalized on the time of day and served brunch at the reception- eggs and bacon, bagels and lox, biscuits and gravy...are you hungry yet?! And despite the early hour, I was surprised and impressed to see guests cutting a rug on the dance floor.

Hannah and Jon are such a sweet couple, so in love, and their wedding was a beautiful celebration. Enjoy their highlights montage (with a little Super 8 thrown in)!

Church: First Christian Church
Reception: Longview Museum of Fine Arts
Photographer: Heather Mount Photography
Band: Otis and the Metro Band

Hannah said, "We just received them today and watched every bit just now!! It is wonderful and we LOVE it! We were smiling and crying and had chill bumps. Perfect music and perfect shots. Can't thank you enough. It's so special."

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