Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Anatomy of a Videographer's Uniform

After filming weddings for 10 years, I've learned a thing or two about what I should wear when I go to work. If you look back at photos of me at weddings over the years, I'll be wearing some variation of essentially the same outfit. I've honed it down to be the most functional it can be while still being appropriate for a wedding. I thought it would be fun to share with my readers my "Anatomy of a Videographer's Uniform"!

(photo by Alex M Photography)

A- Hair is pulled back into a side bun. If I were to wear it down, a few strands could blow in front of the lens and ruin a shot, or get into my eyes and obstruct my vision.

B- Earrings are the only place I allow myself a some color and non-functional decoration. This is a wedding after all, so I need to dress things up a little somehow! Sometimes I feel sorry for myself that I have to wear all dark colors to work (black is not my most flattering color), but the earrings make me feel better. ;)

C- The ties on this shirt are perfect for emergency lens cleaning when I go outside on a hot humid night after being inside in the AC for the reception. I've lent them to many a photographer too!

D- My work shirts have sleeves on them- for some reason when I wear a sleeveless shirt to a wedding it feels too casual (even though it would be mighty nice for those outdoor summer weddings!) They also can't be too low-cut because I lean over for lots of shots.

E- All my shirts have to be relatively long, and my pants relatively high waisted, in order to avoid giving your guests a plumbers crack treat when I crouch down for a shot.

F- My shoes are black, close-toed, and lace-up. I do a lot of running with my Steadicam and if I wore sandals they could flop around and make me trip- no bueno with thousands of dollars worth of equipment in your hands. It's really hard finding work shoes that are super comfortable for all-day standing but not also super ugly. Let me know if you have any shoe brands for me to check out- I'm due for a new pair!

G- It's very important that both Brent and I wear dark colors. Bright colors draw the eye, dark colors don't. So this allows us to recede into the background for both your guests and your photographer. I remember one of the first weddings I helped shoot while I was in college, I wore a white shirt. By the end of the night I swore to myself to never do that again- I felt so noticeable!

H- You can't see it, but there is a little bit of a belly bump there. At the time this pic was taken, I was 17 weeks preggo!

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