Thursday, September 29, 2011

Danielle & Louis' Wedding Sneak Peek | Cincinnati, Ohio

What do you get when you combine a beautiful bride, a gorgeous venue, perfect weather, and a million thoughtful details and sweet moments? Why, Danielle and Louis' wedding day, of course! Here's a sneak peek of it in their trailer.

Venue: Greenacres Arts Center, Cincinnati
Photographer: Holger Thoss, New York City
Coordinator: Viva Bella Events, Cincinnati

Brent and I headed to Seattle after Danielle and Louis' wedding, and we've been here for a whopping 10 days! We filmed a family video last Thursday in Discovery Park, and then on Saturday we filmed a lovely wedding. Today we are headed to Baltimore to do another wedding, and then it's back home! It's been so fun. We are excited to post more videos of these great couples. First we have to wait for the Super 8 film to come back from the developers! We'll keep you posted....

And in other news, one of our trailers (on oldie but a goodie) was posted on Rustic Wedding Chic Blog the other day; go have a look-see and enjoy perusing the rest of the blog too. Thanks Maggie for spotting and appreciating our work!

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Nicole said...

Beautiful! Nice work once again!!

Wedding Videography Association said...

That's really inspiring. Good job!

Vanessa McKellar said...

Thanks folks!