Monday, September 12, 2011

Jenna & Blake's Sneak Peek | Ashton Gardens, Denton

Brent and I were psyched to edit this short trailer for Jenna and Blake. We had so many great shots to work with, and the wedding was breathtaking. There was beautiful light everywhere- in the bride and groom's hotel rooms, streaming into the chapel during the first look and ceremony, even gushing onto the dance floor. We knew we wanted to showcase the light for the trailer and so Brent spent hours looking for the perfect song. He found this one, by Active Child, which had been released two days before we made the edit (we enjoy using fresh music that no one has any previous associations with). Brent thought the vocals were very "light" and I thought the harp was "sparkling". (Yes, that's how you have to perceive music when you're in this industry.)

Enjoy this little teaser, and stay tuned because we will be featuring more of this wedding in the future.

Jenna said, "Oh my word, Vanessa. It gives me goosebumps- I love it! You and Brent are awesome...absolutely awesome! Blake and I watched it first thing this morning (he loved it too) and I just watched it telling how many times I'll sneak another view of it today. =) I love the's perfect! I can't tell you how glad I am we were able to work together during this special time. Thanks so much! Looking forward to seeing more!"

Venue: Ashton Gardens
Photographer: EE Photography; see her pics of the day here
Make-up: Twin Couture

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