Thursday, December 1, 2011

Virginia & Chad | Houston Wedding Videographer

It was fun traveling to Houston, meeting Chad and Virginia (she's one of those super friendly chicas- gave me a huge hug right off!) and filming their big day. Even though Chad was a wee bit nervous, everything went off without a hitch. Here are some of the elements that made their day special:

- The food! My oh my was it lovely. Fresh oysters and crab claws, flamed filet mignon, truffle fries, and then not to mention the huge spreads of cheese and breads and and other delectable little bites. I had to be careful not to drool. (I am pregnant, you know.)

- Chad and Virginia are really into wine, so they had a wine tasting bar featuring four wines that are special to them, including one they drank on the night they got engaged. I had to be careful not to partake.

- For their "guest book", they set out four large apothecary jars with notecards and people could write different sentiments on the card and drop it in. After the wedding they were going to seal the notes in a box containing a bottle of wine, and if and when things get rough, they'll open the box and read the advice and enjoy the wine. Kind of like a time capsule/marriage intervention of sorts.

- There was a subtle pumpkin theme at the reception- smalls ones decorated some of the tables, and the centerpieces were assembled in large pale green ones- super neat!

- Virginia loves pecan pralines so halfway though the reception a big bowl of them was set out for guests to enjoy. I was careful, but I still partook. (I am pregnant, you know.)

Here's a little trailer we put together.

Coordinator: Keely Thorne Events
Photographer: Nancy Aidee
Church: First United Methodist
Reception: Coronado Club
Band: Doppelganger

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Virginia said...

Vanessa - I just absolutely love it! Thank you so much!!!