Monday, April 30, 2012

Lydia & Timothy in Super 8 | Whitehouse, TX Videography

Hi folks! Brent here with a super Super 8 wedding to show you that I had the opportunity to film in Whitehouse, TX. Lydia and Timothy's wedding was a cross between classic and indie, which I loved! I saw a lot of cute elements throughout the day but nothing topped Lydia's pure joy and excitement during the vows . There was no doubting she was head over heels in love with her groom (andhe with her!)

 The bouquet was dried flowers mixed with fresh greens, clocks on each reception table were set to the date of the wedding, and who could forget the first dance song performed by Merriment? (Whose album I suggest you buy, and also check out the lead singer's blog: It's cool and girly all rolled into a ball.)

 Well I hope you enjoy the film, and congrats again to Timothy and Lydia!!

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