Monday, May 28, 2012

Kate & Matt's Highlights | Baltimore, MD Videographer

We had the privilege of traveling to Baltimore to film Kate and Matt's wedding. Brent and I had a blast getting to know the city a little, and we have decided that we definitely enjoy documenting events in old cities like this. We traveled around and got some pretty neat time-lapse shots (including the first shot from Liberty Hill overlooking downtown) and we adored all three of Kate and Matt's locations: the hotel that everyone got ready in was great (have I mentioned how much I enjoy filming prep in hotel suites? So tidy, and all that natural light, and the city-scape outside the windows!), the church was just gorgeous with its murals, and the ballroom at the Beaux-Arts style Belvedere was opulent.  You'll see it all below in their highlights video.

Besides the locations, here are some things that made Matt and Kate's event unique:

- As favors, guests received a special brewed beer at their place setting at the reception, complete with a little note teling about the beer's story.

- Old books served as table numbers at the reception.

- I need to talk about the bride's cake for a second. It was carrot cake, and it was hands-down the best cake I've eaten. Moist and flavorful, with a smooth, dense, rich icing that was unlike any other. I've thought longingly about it numerous times since then, and I'm bummed that it was made by a bakery in Baltimore so I won't be able to order one for myself on a regular basis. (I would like to mention that I was pregnant at the time, which makes the fact that I'm waxing poetic about a piece of cake okay, right?)

- The photo booth set up by the photographers had the cutest handmade paper flower background, very custom and fun!

- Kate's dad will go down in history (next to the carrot cake) as the most expressive father of the bride ever. Brent and I had so much fun capturing his expressions- his tender love toward his daughter, his laughter, his jokes, and his energy on the dance floor. Have I mentioned how much I love expressive people?

Kate and Matt, thanks for being so sweet; you two are just perfect for each other! (And thanks Julia for following our blog and telling Kate about us!)

Kate said, "I wanted to let you know that we got the video, safe and sound, and I love it!! It was the perfect reward after a long 9 hour car trip home, and having that to look forward to made the end of vacation a little more bearable. Also, my parents, sister and Matt's brother were all at our house so we were able to watch it together which was a special treat. The package of tissues went quickly! The video truly captured the range of emotions throughout the day in a way photos never could. Everyone says your wedding day goes by in a blur, and now knowing how true that is I am so happy that we can relive it vividly and appreciate all the special moments.

I gave a copy to my mother-in-law today and just received this text: 'Spending time crying joyously as we watch your DVD. Another facet of your wedding that is just flawlessly beautiful. I will have to let many borrow it for viewing. Priceless!!!!!' ...So I guess she like it too!"

Prep hotel: Hotel Monaco
Church: St. Ignatius
Reception: The Belvedere
Photographer: Maria Vicencio

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