Thursday, June 7, 2012

Reasons #243 and #196 I Love My Job

I'm going to start a little series here talking about some of the awesome aspects to my job. I call it a job, but oftentimes it feels more like a hobby that happens to pay money. I started this company in 2003 right after I graduated from film school. I was the only person in the Radio/TV/Film department that wanted to be a wedding videographer. I am so glad I chose this path and that the Lord has blessed it for us.
There are so many moments where I think to myself, "I love my work!" and I thought it would be fun to write about them.

#243 - The people. My life has been incredibly enriched because of the brides, grooms, and families that we get to know as we film these life events. I'm in touch with most of them on Facebook, and I enjoy watching them buy homes, have babies, get new jobs, and celebrate anniversaries. We encourage one another, share ideas, and laugh together. I'm so glad I got into videography in my early 20's because I have been around the same age as most of my brides, so we always seem to have things in common. So to all of my past couples who may be reading this- thank you for your friendship; I love you, I really do!

One of our favorite couples, Caroline and Chris. You'll have to pardon Brent's awkward expression. Photo by Casey Benson.

#196 - Cake and punch. You've heard me talk about cake before. I love that I get to eat delicious beautiful sweets every other weekend. It may not be too good for my waistline, but mmm mmmm, I just can't resist. Also, I have found that I'm a big fan of punch. Not to many receptions feature a punch bowl, but when they do, I am all over it. I'm not quite sure what makes it so tasty, but it always seems to quench my thirst like no other.
Stay tuned for more!

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