Thursday, July 19, 2012

Reasons #91 and #105 I Love My Job

Continuing my list of reasons I adore my job, allow me to talk about #91. It has a lot to do with this little guy:

If you're stopping by the blog for the first time, you might not know that I had my first baby six
months ago- a boy named Noble. He's pretty much perfect. No really, perfect. And I am so totally immensely thankful that The Lord has led me to a job where I get to work to support my family AND stay home with my family. Both Brent and I are able to be with this little guy all week and many weekends. (It was tricky adjusting to working with a tiny human with all his tiny human needs, but we've hired a nanny and things are super smooth now.) Being within 20 feet of this guy almost all the time is a joy. And when we're filming weddings, he gets to spend time with both both sets of grandparents, which gives those grandparents lots of joy too, I'm told.

Reason #105 has to do with the nature of being a wedding videographer. It is a job that requires use of both the left brain and the right brain. This may seem a little odd but I'm just really glad that I get to use ALL of my faculties and strengths- I am both an artist and a technician. I deal with music, composition, color, movement, emotion, storytelling, but also lines of resolution, audio waveform, gigabites and megabites, pixel aspect ratio, frame degree says "Bachelor of Science" but it could just as well have said "Bachelor of Arts". I think this duality makes me feel particularly fulfilled. (And on top of that, part of my job description is writing. How cool is that?)

As a side note, today I happened upon an email I wrote to my sister in 2002 and it had this in it: "What to do after graduation? Should I spend my savings on travel or starting a production company? I'm leaning toward travel, which I think I should. But the idea of getting started on my own, making instead of spending money, is appealing." Makes me chuckle- little did I know where I would end up 10 years later!

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