Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Macy & Jarrett's Highlights | East Texas Wedding Videographer Henderson, TX

This wedding was so cool. Not only was it beautiful to look at (check out the bridesmaid's awesome dresses), it was full of many beautiful moments. Macy and Jarret's faith, along with the faith of their friends and family, was really evident throughout the day, and I think their video displays it well. Here are a few of the numerous elements that made the wedding unique:

- An artist friend painted a work of art on the altar during the prelude.

- After the prelude and before the processional began, they played a video of Macy and Jarrett welcoming everyone, thanking important people, and talking about why this day was so important to them.

- Macy and Jarrett wanted their first act as husband and wife to be worship, so after they had their kiss, they led the guests in singing a few hymns together.

- A table was laid out at the reception that held personal mementos, photos of the couple over the years (they went to elementary school together!) and wedding photos of the older generations, cute pennant banners, "M" and "J" initials, and a calendar in which guests could mark down their birthday so that Macy and Jarrett would have a record of all their friends' special days.

- Glow necklaces and flashing sunglasses were handed out at the reception to add to the party vibe.

- For the getaway, the band led the couple outside with a song while guests showered them with flutterfetti (my favorite), and they sped off into the night in a car entirely covered with Post-It notes.

If you look closely, you'll see our past brides Melissa, Allison, and Kim in the wedding party!

Song: "Disarm" by Ben Rector, used with permission
Church: First Baptist Church, Henderson
Reception: Henderson Civic Center
Photographer: Grant Harrison, Little Rock
Band: Downtown Fever, Dallas
Florist: Wild Iris

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