Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nicole and Cameron: A Love Story

I wanted to feature this Love Story video as a way to expose you all to another option you have for video coverage, in addition to wedding day stories. A Love Story (aka Engagement Session), is essentially a short video that tells the story of how you and your fiance met, fell in love, got engaged, etc, all interspersed with clips of the two of you interacting together, having fun, and of course smooching!

My husband and I made this award-winning video as a wedding gift for my now-married sister and her husband. It was a blast to shoot, and we're all so happy with how it turned out. As you'll see, the personalities of Nicole and Cameron come shining through in the funnest way.

There's something I really love about these types of videos. On your wedding day you're perhaps anxious, distracted, self-conscious, and on your best behavior. But here in a Love Story, you're yourself: in your favorite outfit, goofing around with your fiance and talking about everything you adore in him. Show this to your kids and grandkids, and they'll really understand who you were at this moment in time.

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