Thursday, November 22, 2012

Introducing Fara

Months ago, I purchased a plane ticket to visit my dear friend Erika in Denver. She was pregnant, due to deliver in December. In early November I got a quick phone call from her husband Phil in which he nervously informed me that she was checking into the hospital with high blood pressure, and a c-section looked likely. So no trip for me. Amidst my worrying and prayers I researched cancelling the ticket and found that it would cost too much to cancel the ticket, so I decided to go to Colorado anyway as a mini-getaway.

Soon after landing I was able to stop by and see Erika and Phil and meet Fara. To say that she is precious is an understatement. Looking at her just melts your heart. I had brought my camera to snap a few quick pics of her, and Erika asked if I wouldn't mind filming them a little and making a video birth announcement. Even though I didn't have all the proper equipment, I loved the idea and had a sweet time filming these three. They each have been through so much in these past weeks (it turns out Erika had HELLP syndrome), but they are adjusting beautifully and their home is a warm haven for recovery, growth, and bonding. I feel so privileged to have been around to capture a bit of it.

Happy Birthday Fara!

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