Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Michelle & Aaron in Super 8 | Northern California

Wow, what a privilege it was to travel to California to film Michelle and Aaron's destination wedding. Brent and I brought Noble along on the trip, and together we explored Crescent City- "where the ocean meets the Redwoods". We stayed in a cottage next to a river, walked amongst the towering trees, drove along the foggy coast, ate fish and chips in a wharf teaming with seals, combed low tide for fascinating creatures (hermit crabs the size of a pea! purple star fish the size of a dinner plate!), and watched a once-in-a-lifetime eclipse from the beach. You can watch a little iphone video I made here.

But filming this wedding, in my favorite medium of Super 8, was the highlight of the trip. The ceremony took place in an open field marked by trees decorated with ribbons and paper cranes. Michelle's mom played the violin for the processional, and Aaron's mom officiated. Beautiful vows (you'll hear them in the highlights) were read out of a small book. After the ceremony ensued the most epic video/photo session ever- kissing next to a herd of stampeding sheep, climbing fallen Redwoods, paddling a canoe through a pond filled with lily pads- needless to say it was just a little bit fun for us. After the formals we headed back to the house for a meal of comfort food served on the lawn accompanied by banjo and guitar music. Then, because it was getting nippy, everyone headed inside for ice cream cake, dancing, and photo booth fun. At twilight wish lanterns were released into the clear sky. We headed back to our little cottage and held our breath in excitement until the film came back from the processors weeks later. We weren't disappointed.

Song: "Oh My Stars" by Andrew Belle; used with permission. (When Brent found this song we knew it couldn't be more perfect. Michelle and Aaron are both military pilots serving overseas, and the lyrics mention "foreign wars", in addition to "climbing trees"...and there's even a banjo.)

Michelle said, "I cannot tell you how much we LOVE the highlights! Obviously, I cried through the whole thing. You two are so very talented, and I'm struck by how amazing it is that you can be doing what you're so good at, what you love, together, able to make a living and that it also brings this much joy to everyone you've filmed. It is just so impressive and must feel so rewarding.

Thank you for everything, including dealing with me (civilians have told me I'm a little too militant for their liking). :) I've already watched all your family films online and am preparing Aaron now for our ten year anniversary (if you're not booked!)."

Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is absolutely priceless to me, and I can't wait to watch all the footage with my husband and dogs, all curled up on the sofa. You are really very talented."

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