Monday, June 10, 2013

Connect Marriage Retreat

A few months ago Brent and I were privileged to attend CONNECT: A Marriage Retreat for Photographers in Rome, Georgia. There were 42 couples in attendance, including a few videographers like ourselves, and it was a wonderful time for us. Living together 24/7 in a small house, working hard all week and weekend, plus raising a child can be a lot for two people to handle. We want to do it with grace, patience, joy, and kindness. We film weddings and value marriages, and we want our own marriage to flourish.

We came away refreshed, inspired, with some new friends, and most of all, feeling more connected to the Lord and each other!

This little video (not by us- we left our cameras at home!) shows how great it was.

The retreat is happening again this year in late March so if it seems like something you and your spouse could benefit from, check it out!

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Erin Woolsey said...

aw sweet! what a good idea!!