Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lindsey & Nick's Wedding Highlights | Austin, TX Videographer

I was so eager to edit Lindsey and Nick's wedding film. Brent and I had captured some really heartfelt, beautiful, and straight-up fun moments between these two and their families. My absolute favorite was during the photo session when I said to the bride and groom, "Walk over to that tree and just play around and hang out." Because neither the photographer nor us intervened, Lindsey and Nick were able relax into the moment and "be into each other" as I like to say. They played a little on the tree, talked, and then ended up in a romantic embrace as Lindsey whispered who-knows-what sweet things to Nick. That's what happens when you have plenty of time, a photographer and videographer that know when to be hands off, and most importantly, a couple that is madly in love.

For their highlights, there were a lot of great sound bites with family and friends that we could have used, but for this one we went a little quieter than normal...I wanted the viewer to just sort of get lost in the visuals and feel of the day. I follow Lindsey on Pinterest, and I'm always drawn to her pins because they have a soulfulness to them. Soul: that's what I wanted to convey with this highlights, and I think we achieved that.

Lindsey said, "This deserves all caps: IT'S AMAZING. I'M WEEPING. Wow. Totally epic, and we love it. The song's perfect. You are totally making me feel great about springing for the videography... thanks Vanessa. You are an artist."

Song used with permission.

Venue: The Winfield Inn, Kyle
Photography: Mike Reed Photo
DJ: Greenbelt DJ Productions

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