Friday, November 22, 2013

10 Years of Wedding Videography: Top 10 Facepalm Moments

 When you've filmed weddings for 10 years, you've seen a few things that just make you shake your head in wonder. Here are some of our favorites, in no particular order:

10. When the DJ emceed a 20 minute long anniversary dance. The couple that had been married for 50 years nearly died from exhaustion.

9. When the preacher, during the ceremony, said "There's no place for flannel pajamas in a marriage" and also "I have no idea where you go on a date if you don't have money."

8. When the 60-something-year-old groom fainted twice during the ceremony with his young mail order Ukrainian bride.

7. When Brent had to put the ring back on the groom's finger after our ring shot because he was too drunk to do it himself. The same groom also winked at Vanessa during the getaway and said "Call me."

6. When the groom's brother toasted the happy couple by saying "It's good to have a sister-in-law back in the family."

5. When the bride ran up and down the getaway line throwing up her dress and shouting "Look at my granny panties!!"

4. When Vanessa got nervous before one of her early weddings and threw up in the bushes along the aisle.

3. When the bride and groom had to use our footage as evidence in court.

2. When the groomsmen were praying for the groom before the ceremony, and a groomsman accidentally used the ex-girlfriend's name.

1. When Vanessa squatted on the dance floor to get a shot and her pants ripped straight up the middle seam in the back.

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