Monday, December 9, 2013

Our Top 10 Favorite Epic Moments Ever

When you've filmed weddings for 10 years, you've seen a few Facepalm moments but you've also witnessed some moments that take your breath away or make you helplessly grin from ear to ear. Actually, I shouldn't say "some" moments; we've seen millions. Every wedding is made of a million special moments. But these are just a handful that stand out to us over the years...

1. When Heather walked down the aisle to Brad joyfully singing along with the live worship music.

2. When Chris and his groomsmen made a music video before the ceremony.

3. The pure joy that Susie and Jack, both recovering alcoholics and divorcees, exhibited during and after their ceremony.

4. Sara and BJ's amazing flash mob surprise, orchestrated by the groom's sister Laura. (This video went viral!)

5. When Ashley and Chase crowdsurfed at their reception.

6. When Kim's parents surprised her and Casey with a new Lexus as a getaway car and gift.

7. When Julie and Josh's reception was catered by Brent's favorite restaurant ever.

8. When Chris was so overcome with emotion as Kelly walked down the aisle that he fell to his knees.

9. Angela and BJ's Harlem Shake during the ceremony.

10. When Catherine and Mark had friends and family who were members of the "Dancing With the Stars" team. Best reception dancing ever.

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